Work at heights in Prague

We provide certified rope access jobs with professional climbing equipment. Work at heights with climbing equipment is significantly less expensive and more effective than work from scaffolding or sky lifts. All transport of material as well as access of the rope access technicians takes place from the outside of buildings with the use of special rope equipment.

We provide complex jobs from dismantling and recycling, to installation and throughout photo documentation. Standard warranties apply to all provided jobs. We work mostly in and around Prague but we are happy to come to you to all around the Czech Republic or even abroad. We speak fluent English. - Work at heights in Prague


The company founder David Horvath started being active in the field in 2018 and his experience with rope access work date back to 2010. Now our team consists of eight permanent and five seasonal rope access technicians. We never hire external unproved workers for our contracts.

All our rope access technicians are fully certified and hold a certificate of technical qualification for rope access work (according to Czech Government Regulation 362/2005). We regularly attend prolongation professional training part of which is occupational safety training.

We have liability insurance for damages.

We work at heights with certified climbing equipment of Czech company Singing Rock

David Horváth 2022
David Horváth
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Mgr. Natálie Horváth
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